This project is currently in the planning stage. We are looking for supporters and participants.

We are much too crammed!

Stuffed with emails, Google, social networks, TV and apps by the kilo

What makes our life easier, more comfortable and more ‚efficient‘ on the one hand, also keeps us really on the go between cleaning our teeth in the morning and in the evening!
Idleness has become a word that at best we still remember our grandmother using it and our children are not even able to spell.

Media Fasting – living virtually without screens!

The challenge for us and the education of our children is to cultivate the use of mobile phones, tablet computers and so on in order to be able to enjoy real life more consciously. As adults we need to be positive role models rather than just forbidding the use of these devices as it is generally known that just forbidding has the opposite effect.

Become a first mover: We are looking for schools that would like to participate in the campaign taking place throughout Germany!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to register!