Do you already want to do something but don’t want to wait until the next media fasting wave starts?

You decide when and where to use your mobile phone, laptop and other media screens – not the other way around.

  1. Remove apps

Fewer apps = less distraction. If you look through your apps, you will wonder how many you can actually do without. Do this together with your child and his or her mobile phone, reducing the number of subscribed channels.

  1. Out of sight – out of mind

Just put your phone in the next room instead of right next to you on the table, where it is always within reach. This is very effective AND healthy, because you have to get up if you want your phone. Very sporty people can additionally do ten knee bends every time.

  1. The power of silence

Simply reduce all beeps and vibrations. Each signal will tempt you to take a quick look and in no time at all will distract your attention again.

  1. Mobile phone-free rooms

You can declare your bedroom a cell phone free night temple. Most likely you’ll need to get yourself a good alarm clock again. Without a mobile phone in your bedroom, you can start the day relaxed. Your first glance into the world can be for the blue sky or a dear person. Children’s rooms should always be free of cell phones, consoles and TV at night.

  1. Mobile phone free settings

When we eat, put all cell phones away from the table. Try and enjoy your food with all your senses instead! Your body prepares for consuming the food right down to the digestive level by looking at it, smelling it, feeling it in your mouth when you eat… Driving a car phone-free goes without saying. But what about playgrounds, school routes? It is not forbidden to us, but as adults we have a great role model function. Let us rather share with our children the joy of chasing clouds in the sky, a squirrel in the city park or a dazzling rainbow.

  1. Airplane mode

„Simply switch off“ – our motto and have no fear of „inaccessibility“. Whoever has some  really urgent business can call you if necessary.
How would it be, for example, if you were to “put your phone to bed”  in the evening at 9 PM long before one goes to sleep?

  1. Fixed times

Limit the amount of time you spend answering emails and messages to specific hours. Turn off your laptop at a specific time in the evening. Outside that time, you’re not available to talk and you don’t even check to see if you’re missing anything!

  1. Delays

Many of us think that they should reply immediately to incoming messages and expect the same when they send a message. Let us bring some inspiration into life. You don’t have to answer immediately. Also consider for whom, which family members, friends, colleagues you want to be reachable through which channels and communicate that to everyone.

  1. Apps against too much mobile phone use

Paradoxical but true: Many free apps can run in the background and record how long the phone is being used daily. To see in black and white how much time is being wasted has already led many people to pay more attention to media use.

  1. Insert grey times

Just as grey rainy weather hangs over your mood, so does the mobile phone: joy passes over you much quicker when you set it to grey. We tested it ourselves. It’s much less fun!

That’s how you activate the black and white mode:

I-Phone: Settings / General / Operating aids / Display adjustments / Switch color filter to On (default: grayscale).

Android: Settings / Input help / Visual aid / Switch on grayscale.

  1. Go out by yourself

Make frequent trips without your mobile phone, an afternoon walk in the forest,  shopping, a visit to your best friend… Enjoy the adventure of life.

  1. Mobile phone holiday

„I’ll be off“…. Put your cell phone offline for a whole day and see what happens. Let yourself be enchanted by the surprising and the boredom. Make the best of everything.

Inspired by:

Utopia: Digital Detox: 8 Tipps, um bewusst offline zu gehen